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When it comes to selling your business, there’s no other company like Transworld of Atlanta-North out there who can help you do it in record time. That’s why Sellers of all kinds come to our advisors first because they know we can help them achieve the highest and best possible prices. To make this happen, your company has to keep growing and accelerating to keep the returns afloat for the buyer.

In all our most successful sales, we implemented a multiple-step solution culminating in the sale of your company and hundreds of others! The steps are:

Comprehensive Business Analysis

We examine how your business is currently doing in terms of operation, finances, market potential, and potential trends in your industry as business brokers. With the information collected in this step, we’ll generate a business profile to represent your company in the best light best.

We Structure The Sale

In this step, we find the best possible price range so you can sell your company with the most returns. There’s no guessing involved at all. All our conclusions are based on evidence, market conditions, sales potential, and results from similar businesses in your niche. At Transworld Atlanta-North, our professionals apply advanced valuation techniques guaranteed to give you the most appropriate price given the current conditions of the market. The challenge is finding a good middle ground in the price while still keeping your business as attractive to prospective buyers as possible.

We Confidentially Network The Sale

Only the latest technology is used to help you connect with business brokers and strategic buyers worldwide. Transworld Atlanta-North is just one part of an organization with a network reaching the entire United States and in many other countries. You can quadruple your efforts to get your business sold while maintaining your confidentiality. It’s all about who you know, but sometimes you need more resources to find the right people willing to buy.

We Confidentially Advertise Your Company To Buyers

Your company will be advertised heavily on all the major industry databases, websites, and other platforms to maximize its exposure thanks to our aggressive marketing program. Transworld Atlanta-North outspends in advertising and marketing for buyers more than anyone else in Metro Atlanta or Georgia for that matter in our industry.

We Control The Information Flow

Confidentiality is one of our core values. Therefore, we take great effort to organize all your documentation and only release information when necessary. Before any information can be released, we require that pre-qualified buyers execute a confidentiality agreement first. Your information will be fully protected throughout the buying process!

We Create Competition For Your Company

We attract thousands of buyers, creating competition for your business. Buyers are qualified for financial ability to meet the offer. We will then reduce that number to only the most qualified buyers. Once you meet the best of the buyers, we urge them to prepare and present all offers. Many times, a negotiation is doomed to fail because of lack of proper qualifications. As your business broker, we can also approach and continue to track potential buyers without weakening your position.

We Negotiate For You To Achieve The Best Price

Appropriate negotiation is crucial to achieving your best price and terms. We have the expertise to establish sound and resourceful negotiating techniques on your behalf. Transworld has trained all of its agents in the art of negotiating through a curriculum that we have created specifically for our industry. Never negotiate without planning, expertise, or from a position of weakness.

We Provide Exceptional Support To You Through The Due Diligence

We take pride in our exceptional service. Only half of the job is finding the right buyer who will pay your price and meet your terms. The other half is getting that buyer to the closing table. We quarterback the deal, work with the accountants, lawyers, banks, landlords, and other third parties that could jeopardize the success of the transaction.

We realize that you depend on us to guide you through the sale of your business. We make the transition simple and easy for you. We know when an opportunity for you may arise and are always there to take advantage of it. We also know when someone is trying to kill your deal or is being unreasonable and how to handle those situations.

We Are There From Beginning To The Closing

We help manage all administrative procedures, licenses, inventory counts and lease assignments that may be required. Transworld works closely with your advisors to ensure a smooth transition. Using the latest technology, we strive to be ready to work on your behalf to get the deal done!

We Are There For The Transitional Phase And Beyond!

Because we are in the business community, you may want to consult us at any time after the sale. We will provide you with any assistance you may require after the closing. Transworld will always remain in your corner!

Need to Find a Business Broker Now?

Call one of our advisors at Transworld Atlanta-North before you decide to sell your company. Our experts want to have a confidential chat about your company. We’ll discuss the valuation and how to best sell your company now and what to watch out for in the future. No obligation required on your behalf!

Learn More About Business Valuations

Transworld of Atlanta-North has business valuation professionals on our team who can value your business adequately. We can meet with you on an individual basis and figure out how much your company is valued. Valuation reports are also available upon request. You can reach out to us for more information by calling 404-666-4486 or emailing [email protected].

Mergers and Acquisitions Services

Our Transworld of Atlanta-North team is more than capable enough to handle the larger transactions associated with mergers and acquisitions. There are many vital facts you should know first about M and As and whether our services would be right for your situation. You need to understand the qualifications, the selling process, valuation, and other topics we cover on the page you’ll read.

Seller Frequently Asked Questions

We often receive many questions from our clients wanting to know more about the selling process at Transworld Atlanta-North. Here are some of our responses to these questions!
How Can I Keep My Employees, Customers, and Vendors From Knowing About My Decision to Sell?

Transworld North Atlanta’s business advisors are adamant about confidentiality. We understand it’s a vital issue for both you and our team. We take precautions to ensure all your information and decisions are kept private from your employees, customers, or vendors. It’s how we go the extra mile to keep your sales successful.

Do I Need An Attorney And An Accountant to Sell A Company?

Buying or selling a company can be a complicated venture. While some companies are sold without the help of accountants and attorneys, we strongly recommend that both the buyer and seller engage professionals.

How Do I Determine What My Business is Worth?
Another crucial function of the business intermediary is determining the value or worth of your business. It’s up to “The Market” to make this determination of value. Transworld North Atlanta’s business advisors have years of experience valuing almost any business. We provide this service for a free although our estimates of value are not “certified business valuations.” In spite of this, we usually give business owners a good idea of how much their business is worth given our experience and access to historical data from similar companies we’ve worked with in the past.
How Long Does It Take to Sell My Company?
On average, you can expect to see your company sell in eight to nine months, although there’s usually a great deal of variation in the time frame. It sounds like a lengthy amount of time, but in reality, so many parts of the selling process take much time whether it’s listing the business itself or writing contracts. Not to mention finding buyers, interviewing buyers, performing due diligence, and getting to the closing process altogether!

Let’s Get Your Business Sold How You Want!

Transworld of Atlanta-North allows you to sell your business faster using our entrenched network and expert professionals with familiarity in all areas of valuation, due diligence, closing, and more.
To get started, please call us at 404-666-4486 or email [email protected] for more information!

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