Buyer FAQ

Got questions about any part of the buying process and what you should expect from working with our advisors. We have you covered! Here’s a list of frequently asked questions we receive from our clients.

I’m A Resident Of Another Country Interested In Obtaining An E-2 Visa, Can You Help?

We’re familiar with the complexities of obtaining an E-2 Visa, so we can certainly help along the way. We also recommend getting a qualified consultant to help you move along the process.

Should I Consult with an Attorney or Accountant to Buy a Business?

We always recommend getting with an attorney and an accountant before buying a business. Although there are situations where the process can go smoothly without their assistance, most business sales are going to much more complicated. Better safe than sorry here.

Where Can I Go To Look At What Businesses Are Available To Buy?
Our website, has a search page where you can look at over 4000 businesses.
How Much Will Buying a Company Cost Me in the Process?
The sellers usually pay Transworld rather than the buyer, but there are other costs to consider. There are also legal and accounting fees to be aware of before buying a business, not to mention any additional startup costs.
Will I Be Trained by the Current Company Owners?
Some businesses are so complicated you may receive higher levels of training for two-four weeks, sometimes at no additional cost. In other companies, you may receive various levels of training for those situations.
How Do I Know That The Profit Figures That The Sellers Claim Are True?
As part of the acquisition process, you will have to go through “due diligence.” During this period the seller is required to present documents to verify his profit numbers.
Will I Have To Come Up With The Entire Purchase Price?
No, while 100% of the purchase price is sometimes required, sellers will frequently provide owner financing to some extent. Additionally, a bank may be able to loan up to 80% of the purchase price through a loan sponsored by the Small Business Administration.
How Much Money Will It Take To Buy A Small Business?
Businesses vary in price a great deal. However, it would be unlikely that one could buy a business with much less of a down payment than $50,000.

Any Other Questions? Call Our Team Today!

Should you have any additional frequently asked questions about buying a company or business brokers, please don’t hesitate to contact Transworld Business Advisors Atlanta-North!

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