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Our business advisors will guide you through each part of the process, so don’t worry. You can always ask our team any questions you might have along the way.

Invest in One of the Best Decisions You’ll Make with Transworld’s Guidance

Congratulations on taking the steps necessary to get your dream off the ground. Buying a business is one of the best ways you can maintain your nest egg long-term and have the money you need to do what you want. You’ll have the opportunity in finding the right businesses that fit your preferences, income, and risk tolerance. Our advisors at Transworld North Atlanta are experienced in all aspects of the buying process because they have also been business owners themselves.

The Transworld Buying Process: Eight Steps to Entrepreneurship

Here are the eight steps we follow so you can have a successful time with entrepreneurship.

1. Take Charge

Congratulations on selecting Transworld to start your entrepreneurship journey off right. By being proactive and purchasing a company, you’ve made the first step in securing your financial future for years to come. Now, the process can truly begin, and we can help you find a business that fits your personal preferences.

2. Evaluation

We always recommend meeting your Transworld advisor in person first, but if that’s not possible at the moment, not a problem. Other options include communication via email or phone. Either way, the point of this meeting is to gather detailed information about your personal life goals, your current skill set, and how much financial backing you already have. We need this information to find the best business to fit your needs. Once we’re done with this phase, we’ll search through our vast market of resources and information to discover the right company for you!

3. Education

You will never be left in the dark in getting the information you need before purchasing your company. Our advisors will keep you in the loop about what’s currently happening in the industry as well as anything that could impact the purchase. With our help, you will begin to understand the fundamentals of valuation, read Business Listing information sheets, filling out online forms, and see what kinds of opportunities are available in general.

4. Search

We’ll get you set up with a seller meeting and appointment. This is where all our hard work starts paying off. In this phase, we also get you all the information you need before meeting with your seller. It’s the perfect time to see if there are other opportunities available before you make the final purchase and sign all the agreements necessary. It’s okay if your search continues during this phase. If you’re unsatisfied with the opportunities you’ve found, we can always revisit the third Education step.

Search for Businesses in Your Area

While you’re here, get a headstart on buying the business you want by using our business listing search tool. You can select your opportunity by country, state, category, and more!

University of Georgia’s Small Business Development Center – Training Resources for First Time Buyers

We’re proud to endorse the Small Business Development Center at UGA for allowing hundreds of entrepreneurs to get their feet wet in starting their businesses. They offer specialized training courses for those interested in wanting to learn more about the in and outs of running a business, the legal and financial aspects of buying companies, and capital acquisition to name a few.

Frequently Asked Buyer Questions

We often receive many questions from first-time buyers on what we do to facilitate the process. Here are some of our responses to these questions.
I’m A Resident Of Another Country Interested In Obtaining An E-2 Visa, Can You Help?

We’re familiar with the complexities of obtaining an E-2 Visa, so we can certainly help along the way. We also recommend getting a qualified consultant to help you move along the process.

Should I Consult with an Attorney or Accountant to Buy a Business?

We always recommend getting with an attorney and an accountant before buying a business. Although there are situations where the process can go smoothly without their assistance, most business sales are going to much more complicated. Better safe than sorry here.

Where Can I Go To Look At What Businesses Are Available To Buy?
Our website, has a search page where you can look at over 4000 businesses.
How Much Will Buying a Company Cost Me in the Process?
The sellers usually pay Transworld rather than the buyer, but there are other costs to consider. There are also legal and accounting fees to be aware of before buying a business, not to mention any additional startup costs.

Ready to Set Up Your Financial Future Through Transworld?

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